Saturday, January 14, 2012


here is a series of links to helpful resources for the duckponics pond project!

How to build a Skippy Biofilter

Helpful hints form Skippy

Leisure's version of the biofilter - lots of great photos

Another version of the duckponics project

The original Duckponics experiment form wifezilla! The best thread ever!!

Link to a good pump that handles solids

Marsh Plants for Greywater

Aswesome govenment page full of links on constructed wetlands

That is it for the moment...more to follow!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Duckponics phase I - The site

Here are some photos of the site as it is right now. The logs mark the spot where I thought to put the pond. The marsh would probably be just uphill from that in a created terrace.

An exciting new project: Duck Pond + Marsh + Biofilter = Duckponics

I been wanting a pond since I got my first ducks....which is quite understandable if you have to live with the constant cleaning of kiddie pools that get bigger and bigger as the ducks get more numerous.
The duckponics idea originally belongs to one of the BackYardChickens forum members, who tried this experiment herself, providing tons of invaluable information on the process. But the original idea of duck pond/ greywater / marsh system actually belong to Penny Livingston ( I was reading the permaculture classic "Gaias Garden" last year when I read about her system and instantly wanted one like that.
We finally happened upon the right place and time for my dream to have the chance to become reality!!
Now the research has really started to become of vital importance!
Unfortunately until now I did not find any detailed description of a system quite like I I will have to puzzle it together on my own I guess!

In this post and the future ones I will try to share all the information and the process, so that it might be useful for other duckponics / greywater enthusiasts.

Let's start form my vision:
I would like to create a pond for my ducks to swim in, that would mimic as close as possible a natural ecosystem where the duck waste becomes fertilizer for aquatic plants, the marsh and plants for duck food. This system will eventually grow to include greywater recycling from the main house and of course rainwater harvesting.

I am still not 100% sure all this is doable in one project, but Mother Nature seems able to include 1000 different uses for any given ecosystem, so why not aim high?

I hope any readers out there will not be shy to leave some comments and some feedback, as this is a highly experimental project! be continued.

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