Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cherry Crumble Pie Part 1: the cherries

Our very nice neighbor Donna let us pick a ton of cherries from her overloaded trees. Luckily she also let us borrow her cherry stoner, so processing 10 lb of cherries was not too hard. first we picked cherries for few hours, then we had to run home and remove the pits right away before they started to spoil. (very ripe cherries!)
This proved to be a bit of a messier job than we expected, with cherry juice squirting everywhere, but with a good assemblage chain, the work was over in less than an hour.
The first product of our labor was at least 9 lb of cherries ready for the freezer and 4 jars of preserves, two with vodka and two with sugar. Now we are well stocked for a whole winter worth of cherry pies!

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