Sunday, August 8, 2010

my garden

Moving to Forest Ranch has brought one major advantage to my life! Now I have time and space to keep a vegetable garden. So for the first time, since the days of helping my beloved nonno (grandpa) with his garden on the Como lake, I got my own little piece of soil to try my green thumb!
It happened almost by I was digging an old pile of soil left on the propriety I saw a bunch of earthorms in there....mmmhhh that is the sign for a place that plants would really like! So decided to put there one of my watermelon starts that I germinated in April, and had to rush indoors into a pot when it froze again...
then I put an okra that had had the same troublesome beginning...both baby plants looked very scrawny and miserable when I transplanted them. then I decided to throw in a bag of TJ organic potatoes that were germinating like crazy...

As things started to look better I got excited and decided to add some more....a tomatillo and a cucumber brought by our friend Aaaron, planted a few more watermelon seeds and some beans for good measure....well long story short the pile of dirt got colonized!
Now I watch the melong get bigger every day, and I had the great pleasure to eat the arrugola and few cucumbers....

I feel like I literally going back to my those long summer days in Tremezzo, when I was helping my granfather harvest hay....
So I come home every night, with very dusty feet, after checking on the garden, with a tomato or a cucumber in my hand and I feel happier that I have been in a long time!

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  1. Come vedi si ritorna sempre agli avi, si fanno cose imparate da piccoli senza saperlo,ma


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