Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Purification Program - we are on day two!!

Detoxing seems to have become so common it's almost a fad, but sadly enough with the levels of toxins present in everything around us, it is more a necessity than a fashion trend! Just think about the amount of people that YOU personally know who have been affected by cancer, it could be a friend, a relative a coworker....and cancer is just the tip of the iceberg, diabetes, alzheimer, obesity...the United States, creator of the "Western Diet" also created some of the most common and deadly "lifestyle diseases".

Well, I have been quite obsessed with food and nutrition and with being healthy for a long time. (Since I moved to the US 17 years ago, I have not been once to a conventional allopathic doctor and I have never been to a hospital.) Now that I have finally changed our living environment for a much healtier one, it is time for a general health overhaul! What better time for a cooling and cleansing diet than 100 degree weather??!!

I do have to admit that this idea did not just arrive out of the blue, our landlord and dear friend Deb, who is an amazing chiropractor and nutritionist, did the same detox about a month ago. Being this a specific program from Standard Process, the manufacturer of all the whole food supplements I have been using with for the last seven years, I knew it would be a serious ad effective program.

Surprisingly, my husband Oz, joined me in the program, without even too much begging or convincing.
So here we are, at day two.

We are taking 3 or more shakes a day of protein and whole nutritional elements plus 30 capsules of greens, detoxing herbs and supplements.
In addition to that we can eat as much raw vegetables as we like, a little bit of fruit, herbal teas, and of course lots of water.

Today, as our fridge became dangerously empty, I ran into town and stocked up on organic veggies....then ran home and took out my raw recipe book.
The first yummy dish I made today was a Beet, carrot and zucchini salad with romaine lettuce, mung bean sprouts and a Umeboshi vinagrette.
Not bad for raw veggies.

Now after all this writing I am getting hungry again and am going to go and make myself a raw carrot ginger soup.

Bon appetit!

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