Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We have a Raw Milk Cow Share!

At the beginning of last month, our landlady Deb started getting raw milk from her cow share in 2 Jersey cows from a local small farm. So after sampling the first jar of fresh, creamy, rich and delicious milk, I decided I was IN!!

I have been off dairy for the last few years because of a persistent mold/candida infestation in my lungs. So the naturopathic doctor told me I' better avoid dairy altogether! it has not been an easy path as you can imagine, especially if you are a big cheese fanatic as I am!

So after drinking the raw milk the first time, I went to my doctor and got (muscle) tested for it.....and to my extreme delight it turned out that the raw milk was actually GOOD for me! YAY!! So I asked the doctor about raw cheese, and that tested really well too! So my world suddenly became a much happier place!

Now what is the difference between raw milk and "normal" pasteurized milk you might ask?! "Real Science has identified that changes that occur in real raw milk pasteurization are not always beneficial to our health. Raw dairy products are naturally filled with living enzymes and cultures vital for health. Lactose intolerant consumers can eat raw milk because Lactase producing bacteria are present. In addition to pasteurization most milk available today is homogenized, which has been proven to alter the fat particles significantly to the point of creating a dangerous product from an excellent food source. Raw milk is high in antioxdidants vitamins, (including B-12) all 22 essential amino acids and natural enzymes." (extract from the Book Family Farm Cow Share pamphlet)

So last Saturday for the first time we went to pick up our raw milk, and we met our two gorgeous, generous producers: Ginger and Cinnamon.
They are two Jersey mix, pastured, grass fed organic cows....

And as I have to run to work in the garden now, I will fill you in on the subject of grass-fed beef next time!!

Happy milk drinking!

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